Nine years ago today

Trev and I first met in real life.

You see we met online back in the day where meeting someone online was really not the “done” thing to do. Even now, people differentiate me from my three sisters by saying, “Oh, so you’re the one who ran away to marry some man she met on the Internet.”

Um, yes.

Because nine-ten years ago, everyone you met online (generally) was either some sort of psychopath or secret serial killer.

But we’d been speaking online for a few months (switching to writing letters after he lost his internet connection) and on the phone several times and we both finally admitted that we felt like things could move on from there potentially to becoming something more serious.

So I bought a train ticket from Peterborough to Wales, via London and travelled the five or so hours that it took to where he was living in the Rhondda Valley at the time. We didn’t actually meet until about 5:30 in the afternoon so there’s a little while to go yet until our “actual” anniversary, but it’s a nice day to look back on.

I went down for about four days and spent a lot of time getting to know him and his family. The night before I came home, we were up the whole evening talking, watching movies (You’ve Got Mail (kinda “our” movie), Miss Congeniality and Three To Tango – hey I didn’t say they were amazing movies!) and listening to music – mostly the Oasis Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants album. Such an odd night, but one that sticks out in the memory. I didn’t go to bed until about 6am, so it was a long day the next day, but a wonderful one.

Looking back on it, and thinking about him meeting me at the train station for the first time and hugging me goodbye on the train when I left, it’s a little bit mental when we think about how much that has happened in the time since we met and in the almost eight and a half years of marriage. I could never have predicted that we’d be where we are now or that our situation would be what it is. Like every relationship it’s had its hard times, but also its amazing times. Its challenges but also those memories you will treasure forever.

Any problems that we have gone through pale into insignificance with the events happening at the moment – particularly with today’s news of the earthquake in Japan and everything it entails.

But regardless of whatever may happen in the future, I’m glad I met this guy nine years ago.

Snow Day 5th Feb 2009!


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