48 Hours

Well it’s been a long time! The last 48 hours or so have pretty much summed up why I’ve not posted for around 4 weeks. That’s a shocking amount of time! Let me explain what has happened since I last posted:

  • Moved house
  • Been without reliable internet (posting this via 3G dongle)
  • Visits by parents on two successive weekends either side of their trip to Scotland
  • Worked lots and lots and LOTS
  • Suffered from a weird glandular/fluey illness
  • Gone through a bout of gastric flu
  • Appeared in the Knitter Magazine
  • Received two new spindles
So I’ve been busy!
I don’t have any pics of the new house yet – not got round to taking many yet, but once we get our proper net connection on Monday, it’s going to be easier to get things sorted! We moved in officially on the 30th April and between two bouts of illness have been getting the house sorted.

We’re in a much smaller place now, but it suits us perfectly. The other place was too large and had too much space. This house will be warmer, cosier, has a south-facing back yard (alfresco dining here we come) and a nice communal garden at the front. We also have lovely neighbours and now live in a beautifully quiet area. Instead of constant road noise and drunk people, we can hear birds. I love it.

We have a cute little spare room which has my crafting stuff in it – I’m looking forward to getting a little table and sewing machine and getting things set up. The only hitch is that we don’t have a sofa yet – we’re currently making use of two beanbags which is actually quite comfy.

You’ll have noticed in my list that I said I’ve appeared in the Knitter mag! I was in issue 30, with my beaded Wollmeise Ishbel. I’m yet to pick up my copy from the store, but when I do, I’ll take a picture of it and post it up here.

I have also been mentally busy at work – particularly in the last 3 weeks. I’ve had business trips to Brighton and London, and this week has been crazy. I worked an 18 hour day on Thursday (6:45-6:45 in the office, then worked until quarter to one when I got home) – then only got about 3 hours sleep before getting up on Friday at 4:30 to go to London.

Yesterday was one heck of a long day. I was hoping to get home early (was booked on a 2:35 train home which would have got me into Leeds for 5pm) – but some poor soul threw themselves in front of a train near Biggleswade so all trains in and out of Kings Cross were cancelled.

This meant running to St. Pancras to try and get a train to Sheffield, and then across to Leeds. Unfortunately everyone else also had the same idea, which meant packed trains and platform brawls at Leicester when there was no room to let anybody else on the train. Several people were stood in doorways of the train in protest, which meant we were stuck at the platform for a long, long time. Eventually we got to Sheffield and made our way home, but in total it took me close to six hours to get home.

So yesterday was a long day! And I’m glad the last 48 hours are over. But I’m relieved to be feeling better this weekend – last weekend I was struck down with gastric flu and anybody who’s had that will know that it leaves you totally unable to do anything else. I’ve not really knitted or spun anything in about four weeks – but today I was about to finish the first half of the fibre I was spinning on my supported spindle. I’m very excited to get this fibre spun up as I had my next club shipment arrived which I am very excited about:

The Thylacine - On The Rocks

100g of The Thylacine POLWARTH. I have never spun Polwarth before and have been super excited to try it. Not sure what I’m going to spin this into (April club, called On The Rocks) but I think it could make the most amazing stripy socks. It should be durable enough for house socks so that will be a nice project to have in the works.

I was also going to post about my new spindles, but I’ll save that for another post as it will be quite picture heavy.

But yay for the new house! And double yay for the 11 days off work I have coming up at the end of this week. Does anybody have anything planned for over Easter?


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