Changing Rooms

As much as that programme used to annoy me, its title is somewhat relevant for this post! I was going to call it something like, “Extreme Make-Over – Craft Room Edition” but since the room hasn’t actually been made over yet, it feels like a bit of a cop-out.

So, as most of you know, we moved house at the start of the month and I now have a beautiful spare room which is going to become a crafting space. We debated turning it into a nice guest bedroom, but we don’t have guests that frequently and the rest of the time I’d probably begrudge the use of the space. (I know, I’m lovely.)

Anyway, before I get into specifics, here are pics of the room:

Craft Room

Craft Room

Craft Room

Craft Room

Craft Room

And a little mockup of the room in Google Sketchup (I know we’re missing the door):

Screenshot of Craft Room

So you can see that I currently have in my bookcase which houses most of my fibre and books and a number of plastic boxes. Two of these have stuff in them that needs to stay in here – most notably all of my “nice” yarn and other fibre. My biggest problem is trying to figure out what to do with the nice yarn since I don’t know if we have moths and I can’t stomach the idea of leaving my Wollmeise and other nice indie yarns exposed to the nasties.

Also, the room has a south-facing window – so it gets a lot of light, and throughout most of the day, a LOT of sun. This means I also need to consider what to do with the yarn as it’s likely that it may need to stay on the same wall as the window to avoid fading.

On top of allll of this, I’d like to be able to include certain other things in the room. Such as:

  • A desk
  • A sewing machine (most likely ON the desk)
  • A proper nice mannequin for dressmaking
  • Storage for fabrics
  • Yarn and fibre storage
  • Possibly some sort of windowseat/daybed so that I can sit in here and read on a nice day (plus maybe so a guest can sleep in here… sometimes)
  • Storage for all my spindles (preferably something hanging)
  • Storage for odds and ends, such as sewing equipment, threads etc
  • Shelves/storage for books
So there’s lots that I want to try and cram in here and most of it probably involves thinking of some clever storage solutions and thinking how to make optimum use of the wallspace.
I’m thinking that the whole room needs freshening up for a start – a new carpet and a fresh coat of paint – possibly even redoing the woodwork and radiator to make the room feel clean and shiny. I reckon that can all be done in plain colours while one wall (opposite the window?) could maybe be painted or wallpapered in something fabulous and vintagey.
I’ve been eyeing up the mannequins on a site called Corset Laced Mannequins – they are so gorgeous I’ve decided I have to have one (even though I need to lose a few pounds to make it actually match my figure) – and I think they would make an excellent basis for a colour theme for the room. Once I can actually decide what one I’d like.

To give me some inspiration (as I’m the most uncreative person I know), I’ve been pinning like a mad thing on Pinterest. You can see my Craft Room Inspiration board here and I’m getting some great ideas, the problem is just narrowing it down since I’d like to do all of it!

So what about you – have you got a dedicated craft space? Do you have any suggestions for clever storage? Or ideas for colour schemes? I will gladly welcome any ideas and suggestions πŸ™‚


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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