I heart blocking

I truly do. I love the transformation that takes place when you block something. How something, that quite frankly, looks like a dog’s dinner, magically becomes this ethereal, light, floaty piece of stuff.

First things first – if you have never experienced the joy that comes from blocking something, go read this. Block something. Marvel at the wondrousness. Shed a tear or two of happiness. And pat yourself on the back – but if you can’t, come back here and I’ll pat it for you.

Last night I finished something. I’m not as proud as I should be, as I started said thing almost six months ago. But until moving, I’d only done about half of it in five months. Finally, I pulled my finger out and got it finished over the Easter break. The item in question, is this:

Melomelo - WIP

Melomelo – the bonus yarn and pattern from last year’s Knit Love Club. Despite the colour not being one that suited me, as I’ve wanted to try this yarn (Helvellyn by Nimu Yarns) for ages. It’s a beautiful blend of 65% cashmere and 35% silk and it’s the softest thing. Has a beautiful halo and is very warm and snuggly.

This pattern is a little unusual – features both cables and lace – and the cables themselves and most of the pattern is slightly ribbed – making the scarf fully reversible.

So I finished it last night – with 4g to spare. It may just or just not have been enough for another full repeat – as it is, I had 24 pattern repeats and the scarf is really long. I preferred to not risk it.

Blocking in our new bathroom is a bit of a challenge as the plug isn’t a snug fit for the plughole, so the water slowly drains away. However, I am a genius and will not be defeated. Used a bit of toilet roll around the plug and voila! No drainage.

So, broke out the blocking wires and pinned the sucker to the floor (only one pin-related injury, to tip of thumb…):

Melomelo - FO

Melomelo - FO

No idea what the full length is yet – I reckon it’s at least five feet something – if not as tall as I am long. But, it’s come out pretty nicely!

Melomelo - FO

Melomelo - FO

As it doesn’t suit me at all (too pale!) I’m going to make a gift of it to my nan who taught me to knit. Hopefully she’s like it – I’ve not given her anything I’ve knitted yet (always a bit scared to!) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. It should be something nice and soft and warm for her to wear when the weather starts to turn. I’ll be seeing her on Friday so will report back!


3 thoughts on “I heart blocking

  1. hahaha – a dog’s dinner. That made me laugh. I love lace more than I can say, but I really hate how I can’t really SEE it when I’m knitting it, it’s like a bunch of nothing. It’s magical, this blocking malarkey!

    I bet you’re glad you got blocking wires now, huh? Imagine trying to pin that thing down one painful pin by one painful pin… ugh. šŸ™‚

    Your nan is going to love it, I bet!

    1. I do adore my blocking wires. I’d wanted some for ages and they are definitely worth every penny. As long as it took me to thread the wires through the edges, I was thanking my lucky stars I didn’t have to use all pins. I managed to cause enough injury to myself with the few I did use!

  2. It turned out beautifully and the pattern shows of the color variation well.

    I don’t have blocking wires yet but this is certainly convincing me to invest in some.

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