Oh So Perfectly Pink!

The below skein of yarn is now all grown up into a finished object:

Sweet Clement - Smitten French Pink

Isn’t it a glorious pink? It’s a skein of Smitten yarn that I bought from Sweet Clement a little while ago and I’d planned to knit the second parcel of my Self-Imposed Sock Club (sisc2011) with it – the pattern chosen was Sinuous by Rock and Purl. I wasn’t supposed to start them until March 15th, but as I’d finished my pair #1 in ten days, I raced ahead and cast on on February 27th. I sped through the first sock… getting down the leg, knitting the gusset and doing most of the foot in a few days.

And then promptly didn’t knit anything for almost two months.

Having the house move and lots going on at work meant that I didn’t feel too much like knitting – and when I did, I felt guilty and wanted to work on my Melomelo scarf, which you can see finished in the last post.

So on Wednesday last week I was able to speed through the last two repeats for the foot and the toe. Sock #1, done.

On Thursday, we were up hideously early (4am) to get a hideously early train (5:30am) train to Peterborough to spend a few days with my family. The nice thing about family visits is that they often leave me lots of time for knitting, so I managed to do most of the socks by Saturday morning. I finished the last bits off yesterday and so finished pair #2 more or less on track only a day late. That’s not too bad right?

And since the socks don’t exist without pics, here you are:

Sinuous - FO

Sinuous - FO

Sinuous - FO

Sinuous - FO

Sinuous - FO

I am pretty impressed at my ability to take semi-decent photos of my feet MYSELF, but I may yet be persuaded to invest in a pair of plastic feet to stave off the need for any yoga-like poses.

Being an idiot, on the first sock I forgot to repeat rows 1-7 after knitting my 4 repeats of the chart. I called it a design feature and repeated it on the other sock.

Because I get cold tootsies, I was a wimp and knit the toe plain, rather than in pattern.

I grafted the toes shut after decreasing to 20 st round, as this was enough to accommodate my foot.

They’re a nice relaxed fit – most of my socks are very snug, so it’s nice to have some slightly looser socks as house socks.

(Ravelry link here.)

I’ve already cast on for pair #3 – which will be another pair of Spice Man socks, although of course as they’re for me they’re technically Spice Lady socks. And I’m using this yarn:

Spindlefrog Merino Sock Yarn

I used it before for a pair of Firestarter socks, but had such issues with my gauge that I gave up. Will need to do some maths to get the fit right this time round, but nothing too complex hopefully.

Yay for socks!


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