I destashed some spindles and yarn last week to provide the money for more spindles! (Pics when they come in ten days or so.) I stated in my destash post that I’d be happy to swap for fibre, so one of my spindles was offered in trade for a load of fleece.

I was given multiple different types of fleece to choose from and I made my selection. Still got a some fleece to come (Romney) but I had a great big pink parcel handed to me by my neighbour on Saturday – she’d rescued it from the postman as we were still out.

As is always the way with fleece, you open the bag and POOF! It suddenly leaps out of the bag and you have what resembles a mountain of sheepiness.

Here’s my own personal mountain:

Fleece selection

I’ve not got round to weighing it all yet, but it looks like loads! From left to right, we have:

Beautiful cream Wensleydale (thinking a nice lace yarn):

Wensleydale Fleece

Coloured Wensleydale (mostly greys and browns):

Wensleydale Fleece

Jacob – might split this out into its constituent colours and spin separately:

Jacob Fleece


Gotland Fleece

Teeswater x Gotland:

Gotland x Teeswater Fleece

I’ve never spun any of these before, except for one load of Wensleydale top which I spun ages ago. I’ve certainly never spun anything from fleece. What I really fancy doing is combing it all and making my own little beautiful nests of fibre to spin up into different types of yarn. Of course to do this I need combs and I’m investigating some options here – although it will be a little while before I can afford some. So now is the time for research and finding out what my options are which I’m having a fun time doing.

More pics and info as soon as I have them. But I’m really excited to spin some of this up and do my first fleece to FO project.

Finally, I gave my nan the Melomelo shawl when I saw her on Friday. I’m pleased to report that she loves it and promises to wear it when the weather turns colder. She’s not someone who wears a good deal of accessories in general, but it will make a beautiful scarf for her in winter and co-ordinate nicely with her coat etc.

That was a massive relief for me – she’s never really knitted a lot of lace etc – but knitted loads of jumpers etc for us all when I was small, so it was nice in some small way to return the favour. We couldn’t stay for as long as we wanted, but we also came armed with flowers and spent some time together watching the Royal Wedding. Hopefully we’ll be able to go back and visit again soon.


3 thoughts on “Fleece

  1. I adore spinning the Jacobs Wool. By far one of the easier wools (imo) to spin with. It looks like you have a nice new stash coming along. 🙂

  2. Oh yes, Jacob is gorgeous to work with. How about blending both shades? You could end up with a beautiful dark oatmeal-ish shade!

    Or – yes, spin them separately and make colourwork mittens!!

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