Just Because I Can

All the kerfuffle with Blogger today has made me very glad I moved my blog over to WordPress! So in light of that I thought I’d post something quick, just because I’m able to!

I’ve had a very busy week. In the last ten days I have started and finished one knitting project, got almost halfway through the third pair of socks and decided that I’m going to knit a bonus pair! All top secret until I can get some pics a little later on.

Been at work like a crazy person these last two weeks – by the time this working week is over, I’ll have clocked up about 60 hours. Last week was over 40 hours – in four days. Yesterday I managed to leave on time and went to Baa Ram Ewe for the first time in AGES (since February, I think). I picked up the copy of The Knitter that I’m in and ordered a teeny tiny (0.5mm) Clover Soft Touch hook for beading. Funny how buying something so small can perk you up!

It was lovely to pop in and squish some yarn and catch up with a few people. I then went home and knitted for hours – the first Spice Lady sock now has a finished foot, gusset and heel flap. I love how the yarn is coming out – and they fit brilliantly. Good to know that all of my scary maths calculations came out ok in the end. I’ll share a picture or two with you over the weekend.

I will also share details of the bonus socks – which I’m very excited to cast on. Feel like I’m getting back into a bit of a knitting groove, which is lovely.

Finally, I paid for my new spindle order this morning – I have four new spindles on the way to me from Gripping Yarn and I can’t wait to have them to play with. Now I just need to spend a little more time spinning and I’ll be all set! Keeping my fingers crossed that work settles down soon so I have a bit more time to do things.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend – and in particular Eurovision! I’ll be sat with a bottle of wine, some knitting and Twitter. If you’ve never been on Twitter during Eurovision, I encourage you to give it a go. It is SUCH fun and probably the most amusing evening I have all year.

You can find me on Twitter as azzywazzy – I keep my tweets protected, but send me a request and I’ll add you on!

Have a great weekend all x


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