It’s been a bit too dark and murky today to take any finished FO pictures, so I’m afraid it’ll have to be a few more days. That may also let me make some headway on other projects so I can share those two.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend – ours started off well but ended with the relegation of our football team, West Ham United from the Premier League of English football. Ah well. We’ve suspected it was coming since October, but after a brief glimpse of hope, the backbone that we suspected the team were developing withered away and died.

But at least there’s always the Formula 1! And the joy that was last night’s Eurovision. I can’t say I expected Azerbaijan to win – and I thought that Moldova with the pointy hats (their act was a sort of Beastie Boys mixed with Madness affair) would do better than they did. But at least the UK ended up on the left hand side of the scoreboard – even if we did give all 12 points to Jedward.

Thanks to all on Twitter for the fun that was had last night – I look forward to meeting up with some of you at Knit Nation in July!


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