Peaks Island Hood

Finally got around to taking finished photos of my Peaks Island Hood. (Ravelry page here.) You’ll have to excuse my expression in some of the photos – I HATE having my photo taken, so it took a while to take some pictures I was semi-happy with.

Peaks Island Hood - FO

Peaks Island Hood - FO

The yarn I’ve used is Rowan Cocoon in Bilberry, and I used just over 3.5 skeins – which was a lot less than I thought it would be! I used a 7.0mm needle which has given a lovely handle to the fabric and it has haloed beautifully since washing – which you can get a sense of in this photo (look at the top of the hood):

Peaks Island Hood - FO

I have to say that I found the pattern a lot easier going than had been hinted at by people on Ravelry. It’s not as plainly written as some other patterns, but if you use your markers, the photos and a bit of common sense, it’s not too difficult. Essentially you start to create the seed stitch in between the markers – so as long as you remember whether or not you’re working in seed stitch during each set of markers, it’s not too hard to work out.

The final set of shells was a little bit trickier to do – I’d suggest inserting markers either side of the 13 stitches you do in seed stitch and then moving them to be outside of the decreases when you start the shells- that will just make it easier when you start working “in pattern” as you don’t get told when to insert markers.

Otherwise it went super speedily and I’m glad to have something this snuggly and warm ready for winter!

And I do love my buttons 🙂

Peaks Island Hood - FO


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