Today I am off work. Sick. With severe tonsilitus. I’m one of these fortunate asthmatics, who, regardless of whatever ailment she gets, ends up with trouble breathing, on top of whatever the actual problem is. Cue trip to the doctors this morning as the amount of swelling in my throat was blocking my airways, a long wait in the waiting room (how can they end up running half an hour behind at only 8:45 in the morning?) and a hefty list of stuff to take over the next few days.

Things are complicated in my case by an allergy to penicillin. This means that I always end up getting prescribed something else and often take a while longer to get better. So right now, I’m on a combination of bright red antibiotics and a mix of painkillers every two hours to bring down the swelling etc. So far I’ve taken at least ten pills today – with more to come. Cool huh?

On the other hand, it does make me more than a little thankful for modern medicine and the NHS. I have no doubt that if I had been born even fifty years ago, never mind a century, I probably would never have made it to a year old, never mind my late twenties. You see I was born a month premature, which back then was enough to be the proverbial kiss of death, without any other health problems.

But here we are! And even if I can’t speak (I can just about manage a whisper), I can still blog. Yay!

So, time to get back on track. Thank you for allowing me to self-indulge up there. You might be able to guess that I’m feeling a little sorry for myself today. *slaps self*.

Today is the day of a new pattern release from the lovely Ruth at Rock and Purl! The new pattern in question is Marina – a lovely summer cardi knit in sportweight cotton – and the pattern has been tech-edited by yours truly! Given that I don’t have a single creative bone in my body but I do quite enjoy analysis and maths, tech-editing seems like quite a natural fit. Ruth has very bravely offered to let me edit some of her patterns to see I get on and this is the first result! Isn’t it gorgeous:

I’ve already got the pattern queued and will be buying my yarn next week. I’ll be using the pattern yarn, Rowan Cotton Glace, but I’ll be going for a nice light grey that should go with everything. It will probably also be my first proper sweater as I’ve not knitted one yet – but Ruth does make a note on the pattern page that this is more than suitable for a beginner knitter wanting to knit her first garment – so if you’re in the same situation don’t worry. The pattern is very clear and laid out step-by-step.

Go buy it!

Ruth has lots of other very exciting patterns coming out in the subsequent weeks and months and as a result I have totally given up all plans to be on some sort of yarn diet this year. Just isn’t going to happen when I want THEM. ALL.

I have finished the Spice Lady socks (just got to weave in the ends) and have cast on for my bonus Sinuous socks to give me something to do while on my sickbed. They are flying by and looking amazing. If I’m still at home tomorrow, I might be able to manage some photos. Needs to try and get these socks finished quickly, if I’m going to find the time to knit Marina and my Audrey in Unst AND my June/July socks AND participate in Tour de Fleece…

Better get knitting!


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