Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

I finished the Spice Lady socks!

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice - FO

Finally got around to weaving in all the ends last night and because I’m still at home, I was able to take pictures earlier today.

I feel absolutely wasted today – all of the painkillers swilling around in my system mean that my brain is ultra-fuzzy and all I feel up to doing is lazying around drooooling. Sexy huh? Plus Ibuprofen gives me a stomach ache and makes me feel sick, but on the other hand I can’t breathe if I don’t take it. Fun times.

Anyway – more sock pics:

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice - FO

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice - FO

Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice - FO

These are the Spice Man pattern by Yarnissima – hence why they’ve been nicknamed Spice Lady socks. The yarn was a skein of yarn I bought from Spindlefrog on Etsy years ago in a colourway called Joyous – and looking at the socks does just make me happy. Particularly given how well they fit given all the maths I had to do.

The gauge for the pattern called for 32 stitches by 42 rows. I was getting 36 stitches and 48 rows – which combined with my super wide feet, length of foot and cankles, meant a maths fest like no other. Not only would I have to recalculate everything in terms of gauge, but because I was working to 72 stitches rather than 64 meant fudging the gusset and heel turn numbers. Thankfully I’d already done a little bit of this when doing Trev’s Spice Man socks in February, so I had a vague idea of what I was doing.

Please see my Ravelry page for all the notes – I can’t be bothered to rewrite them all out – and I’m worried they wouldn’t make too much sense if I did. So, linky linky.

Today I’ve been carrying on with my second pair of Sinuous socks – which I have tried to be clever and call my Meandering Socks instead (after looking the word Sinuous up in a thesaurus). The yarn is Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock and it contains cashmere. Mmmm.

The Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock Yarn

The sock in progress is so warm and soft and I just want to eat it, it’s so scrumptious. It’s a semi-solid heather colour and I’m just about to start the heel. Not made a lot of progress today unfortunately, but they should fly by once I feel semi-normal again.

Meandering - WIP

I’m off to take some more drugs and drool some more… then I’m going to eat some ice cream.


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