Another New Arrival

OK – when I said yesterday that I *may* have bought a machine yesterday, I should have added that I actually did.

In between rearranging the craft room to put Grace in her permanent position, I did a little bidding on eBay.

So our little room now looks like this (don’t mind the mess!):

Grace in situ

Oooh what’s that box on the floor?

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

Meet (the yet to be named) Novum Mark 3:

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

I bought this for the grand sum of ยฃ15.09 on eBay today and as the seller was local to me, he very kindly agreed to deliver it for an extra few pounds! So including delivery and a manual I downloaded online, we’ve paid ยฃ25.

The machine dates from the fifties – it belonged to the aunt of the wife of the gentleman who sold it to me and may have in fact belonged to her grandmother. However it hasn’t had a good deal of use over the years. It’s very clean, all things considered and is in excellent condition. It also weighs a TON! There’s also a new motor on the back:

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

It also comes with a very new looking foot pedal. The only other thing I know about this machine, is that it is a Singer 15 clone and it comes from Ireland:

Novum Mark 3 Sewing Machine

Novum were bought by New Home, who were then purchased by Janome. Other than that, there’s not many records about Novum machines – so the year of manufacture etc, may remain a mystery.

The machine also came with a load of bits and pieces:

Other Novum bits

Lots of feet too, including:

  • Adjustable Cording Foot (no idea!)
  • Cloth Guide
  • Binder
  • Hemming Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Darning Foot (I think)
  • We’ve not sewn with the Novum yet – as far as I can tell it won’t need a service – just oil and a new light bulb – the rest of it looks amazing. So we’ll get all of that sorted before we use it heavily.

    This machine is going to be Trev’s – he wants to learn to sew too and I thought it would be lovely to get him his own machine so he can get it set up how he likes.

    I’m also on the hunt for some more attachments – not actively purchasing now as I’m skint until payday at the end of the month, but more keeping an eye out and putting together a list of stuff to get.

    Of course I’ll now have to leave it a little while before getting another, but now we’ve got lots of ideas for how to do up our little room and get everything sorted ๐Ÿ™‚


    4 thoughts on “Another New Arrival

      1. Thank you! I’m actually very jealous of your beautiful Singer – gorgeous decals and it’s a treadle! I wish I had room for one, so I might have to settle for a handcrank. I love those old tables and machines.

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