Not a good deal of sock knitting has taken place in recent weeks! I showed off the progress I was making on my first of the Meandering Sinuous socks over three weeks ago. At that point they looked like this:

Meandering - WIP

I finished the first sock not long after – so they were flying by. Unfortunately I haven’t yet finished the cast-on for sock #2. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. A little disappointing as these were bonus socks that were meant to be finished by June 15th. Which won’t happen.

So, these will become my June/July socks which will buy me a little more time to finish off the TWO sweaters that I’ve started in the last three weeks.

The first is my Audrey in Unst – where I’m at the waist level right now. It’s a beautiful Wollmeise red – Bussi – and looks like this knitted up:

Audrey in Unst - WIP

Along with two friends who have both beaten me to it and finished theirs, we were having a little mini-KAL – all knitting Audrey in various red Wollmeises.

The Three Red Audreys

I’m having to make lots of gauge adjustments as I’m using a lighter yarn, but I’ll do a post dedicated to it at some point once I’m a little further on.

Reason being, that Audrey has already been put on hold because I’ve started another cardigan! This is Marina that I mentioned in a previous post. I thought that because it’s a summer cardi made from cotton, unlike Audrey from wool, I’d have a chance to wear it in the season it’s designed for, which would be nice. Plus my yarn arrived on Thursday and I saw no reason to wait:

Rowan Cotton Glace - Dawn Grey

So I swatched on Thursday night (and my gauge, for a change is bang on, I’m pleased to say) and cast on yesterday. I’ve made good progress up the back and am on to the bust increases. Hoping to get that bit finished and blocked this weekend so I can move onto the fronts! Pics soon. Hopefully I’ll have it finished in time to wear to Knit Nation in a month.

Unfortunately I now do have 3 sweaters/cardis in various stages of finishing along with a pair of socks and a scarf. Let’s see how many of these I can finish before I give in to the temptation to cast on for something new!


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