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Coming Along Nicely

The title of this post quite aptly describes my Marina cardigan that I cast on as mentioned in my last post! I’m getting along very well – having knitted and blocked the back and both fronts and just finished the first sleeve.

Unfortunately I do need to frog and reknit part of my right front where I didn’t do the decreases for the shoulder shaping properly (I iz moron), but other than that, it’s looking good!

I’m going to cast on for the next sleeve tomorrow and immediately commence a plan that will allow me to lose a few pounds, as I suspect I might need it to show the cardigan off to it’s best advantage!

So once the sleeve is finished, it’ll be on to the seaming – I’ve never seamed reverse stockinette stitch before so who knows what will happen. Then it’s a case of applying the i-cord edge and crocheting the trim at the bottom of the cardi and the sleeves. Last and by no means least, buttons!

I’m hoping to get this finished off within the next week – I’ve been working on it for ten days so far (since the 17th), so that would be pretty speedy all in all!

This means I will get to wear it at Knit Nation 🙂

Finally, because I don’t like leaving posts without at least one picture in them, here’s Kooky sunning herself in the back yard recently, looking very akin to feline royalty:

Kooky Sunbathing


4 thoughts on “Coming Along Nicely

  1. Lovely cat!

    Your cardigan sounds great. I could proably have a look on Ravelry to see what it’s like, but never mind. I’ll just have to come back and check your blog out again!

    I hope it all works out as quickly as you’re hoping to. It’s so much fun when that happens, isn’t it!

    1. Hi Giselle!

      Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂 You can indeed find the cardigan on Ravelry, but I will definitely be blogging once it’s all finished – providing I can fit in it, of course!

      1. Yes fitting into clothes… enough said! Me too.
        Just had a look on Ravelry anyway: is it the Elsebeth Lavold Marina cardigan? That has lovely intricate bits at the hem and sleeve hems too – it looks amazing!

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