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A Permanent Set-Up

So Grace has finally made her way back from her service. We’ve managed to co-incide this with getting the room painted so that she’s now settled in what will more or less be her permanent place.

So before, the room looked like this:

Craft Room

So it was a rather uninspiring beigy colour with grubby white woodwork. A bit of paint later and we have this:

Craft Room - Newly Painted

Craft Room - Newly Painted

We’ve used some brilliant white satin paint on all of the woodwork to freshen things up, and used Farrow & Ball in Yellow Ground for the walls. It’s a lovely colour that’s warm, but bright – and actually looks lighter in the dark – so it will be a lovely place to work in winter.

So now Grace is back, all polished up and in her table, in her corner, it looks like this:

Grace Is Gorgeous!

Grace Is Gorgeous!

The repairman was really nice and had several nice things to say about Grace, including naming her as the best machine Singer ever made. He told me that we have a three month guarantee on repairs, not that we’ll need it on her as it won’t have any issues. Ironic, really, that the service cost me more than the machine! But I’m glad it was done – apparently the machine was so badly wired that it was pretty much live – so I was lucky to not be electrocuted while using it prior to the service.

I also bought some fabric from the market! I need to tour a couple of the other shops in Leeds, along with paying a visit to Ikea, but I’m slowly getting to know what I can get from where:

New fabrics

On the left we have 4 metres of muslin, to either act as a lining or a dry run for something. In the middle, we have 2 metres of cotton – which I’m hoping to use for a skirt or a dress or something. Finally on the right is some polyester satiny material – which I thought of using for a skirt, but it probably won’t work. So I’ll save it for lining a jacket or something further down the line.

I also cracked and bought another buttonholer! I’d already posted about my first one but have since cleaned it up so it works a bit smoother and just looks nicer:

Singer Buttonhole Attachment

So that’s the non-template kind. Then for the princely sum of Β£5, I managed to bag a Greist template buttonholer with the five original templates and eight extra:

Greist Template Buttonholer Attachment

They’re both pretty massive:

Greist & Singer Buttonhole Attachments

I haven’t tried out the Greist yet, but I think it will be pretty fun.

The only other thing I need for the machine is a cover (which I will make myself) and a zigzagger, as I think that will come in very handy for a few things.

Of course, I now need to build up my store of basic haberdashery items, like scissors. I’ve got a bit sidetracked with all the other things and kinda forgot about the basics. But that will soon be remedied πŸ™‚

I’ve also bought a couple of sewing books, which I might try and review in another blog post when I get the chance. I’m off to London on Thursday for Knit Nation and won’t be back until Monday. Really looking forward to meeting up with everyone who is going to be there on Saturday!


One thought on “A Permanent Set-Up

  1. Grace looks wonderful! And the room looks lovely. I recognize the shelving unit. I have one downstairs in our living room the same size and 4×4 unit upstairs in my studio. They are absolutely wonderful.

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