Tour de Fleece Update

So, let’s be honest, my Tour hasn’t really gotten off the ground. I know that back in May, I was all, “let’s go and spin all the fibres”… blah blah blah… and that’s fallen pretty much flat on its arse.

Work has really gotten in the way and I’ve been struggling to deal with that and some other issues that have been rearing their ugly heads. I don’t feel entirely myself and it’s gotten me down a bit. I’ve really struggled to knit any knitting or spinning done. Trying to get back on the wagon, in more ways than one, bit by bit.

But I’ve managed to get some stuff done! Yay!

First up is a project I’ve been spinning for over a year. A very fine, laceweight project:

Limegreenjelly - Lhuna

It’s some Limegreenjelly merino/silk. A quarter of it is all spun up, and on the ball. Half, is in the big bump to the left, and the remainder is in progress or under the spindle. You can get a feel from the little sample to the left of how fine I’m trying to get.

I’m also getting there on the Camelbunny Silk, on the Gripping Yarn Rose spindle:

Camelbunny Silk

Half is on the ball, and a quarter already spun on the spindle. Hopefully this one won’t take me too long to finish and I’ll take it to London with me this weekend to see how much I can get done.

Baby steps right? Funny how that applies in so many areas of life.


One thought on “Tour de Fleece Update

  1. It all looks lovely! I’ve been staring at my spindles for days now trying to get the ‘umption up to get to spinning again, not having much success with it though.

    Your work with various spindles is really wonderful to watch.

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