First finished cardigan

As I alluded to in my last post (congratulations if you managed to get through it – I know it was a bit of a marathon), I have finished my Marina cardigan! It was lovely and simple to knit and I got through most of it in about a week – then got caught up with other things, but finished the rest of the knitting last week.

My yarn of choice was the same as the pattern – Rowan Cotton Glace. The colour I used was Dawn Grey – I can’t claim credit for picking it – Trev and Gwen and Baa Ram Ewe are to thank for that:

Rowan Cotton Glace - Dawn Grey

I bought 8 balls – the pattern called for 7, but since I wanted to be able to keep my swatch I got an extra one to be safe. The size I picked was a size 37 – with zero negative ease, as per the instructions. I’m spot on a 37, so the FO would be very fitted as all the measurements are exactly the same as mine.

I used 3.75mm tips – was able to get the same gauge as the pattern. I also used the cable cast on – there’s no worrying about how much yarn I need for the cast on, and I cheat and use a crochet hook – which makes it much quicker.

So I got all the seaming done last weekend and gave a sneak peek in a previous post once I’d got it all done:

Marina sneak peek

Marina sneak peek

I used Ruth’s seaming tutorial – which was very very useful. I blocked all my pieces before I seamed them, which helped massively. Not sure if I admitted it earlier on or not, but I actually *really* enjoyed the seaming, which I didn’t expect. This makes the thought of doing other pieced cardigans far less a terrifying prospect.

So, yesterday we went out for the day and bought the buttons – you can see them here as the cream mother of pearl buttons:

My haul from Ilkley

You can see me here furiously working to put the fastenings together:

Me working in the sun

Me working in the sun

So, now onto the finished pics. I re-blocked the whole cardigan once I finished it, to get a bit of extra ease and now it fits perfectly. Background scenery courtesy of Bolton Abbey:

Marina - FO

Marina - FO

Marina - FO

Marina - FO

Love Ruth’s patterns! She has at least another four or five patterns of hers that I want to knit. I’ve finished a pair of her socks tonight, which are now drying after blocking and should follow up with pics this week.

Hopefully I’ll get lots of wear out of the cardigan now we’re meant to have a spell of warm weather on the way. May this be the first of many garments!


6 thoughts on “First finished cardigan

    1. Thank you! It’s a great solution to the problem of gaping at the buttons – and I love how the i-cord came out. It’s my first time using it on a garment and I love the finished look.

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