Meandering Along…

I love that word, meander. On a day like today, where I feel like doing everything slowly, it just feels very appropriate!

So, time to report on another FO. It’s a pair of socks I started way back in May – that were meant to be a bonus pair for my self-imposed sock club (SISC2011). They are called, appropriately, Meandering! I used this scrummy yarn:

The Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock Yarn

Luxury sock yarn by the Knitting Goddess – it contains some cashmere and is in a lovely semi-solid heather colour. The pattern is Sinuous by Rockandpurl.

It’s the second pair of these socks I’ve made. The first time, I didn’t do the patterned toe, so this was an interesting experience!

When I started the socks, I was quite poorly with tonsilitis and was off work for several days. As a result, I flew through the first sock:

Meandering - WIP

I ended up knitting the whole of the first sock in just three days (which is pretty good for me on a patterned sock!). And then promptly didn’t knit anything for over a month. Very strange because I love the pattern, particularly in combination with this yarn.

I eventually finished them on the 31st July, so instead of making them as bonus socks, they’ve acted as my June/July socks and stopped me falling too far behind. As long as I finish my next pair by mid-September, we’re all good!

Here are some of the sock specifics:

  • 13 rows for the cuff.
  • Picked up and knitted the gusset stitches, rather than purled.
  • Knitted 9 total repeats of pattern down the whole sock before getting to the toe.
  • Knitted the patterned toe, however grafted toe shut after decreasing to 24 sts total as this was enough for my foot.
  • Sock #1 took 41g of yarn.
  • Sock #2 took 42g of yarn.
  • 22g of yarn remaining!

And now some pics:

Meandering - FO

Meandering - FO

Meandering - FO

Meandering - FO

Meandering - FO

Yay for socks!


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