Today we tidied up the massive amount of mess we made in the front garden yesterday. We’re still not done cutting things back and making room, but Trev has plans to finish it all off tomorrow.

We took all our mess (2 x boxes of sticks, 3 x bin liners FULL) plus 4 people in a tiny Peugeot 206 to our neighbour’s allotment, where we proceeded to have a very lacklustre fire. Unfortunately the ground and a lot of our stuff was too wet or too green to burn properly, so while we made a lot of smoke, there wasn’t a good deal of fire going on. But we’ve made one heck of an addition to the compost heap.

While we were weeding and picking blackberries, my neighbour and I were talking about a few things, continuing the chat we had at lunch – where she very generously fed me with courgette soup and homemade bread. We got onto the topics of sourdough starters and keeping chickens. I hope to be able to have an update for you on the former very soon, although the latter may take a while longer. Many thanks to Natalie at the Yarn Yard for all the awesome help and information she’s provided!

But being out got us thinking about how much we’d like more space. We’re going to try and grow some veggies in bits of our front and back gardens but having an allotment and dedicated space really would be awesome. Remind me to get Trev to check where we are on the waiting list!

In the meantime, I’m making a list of crops for next year and trying to prioritise what we should do first together with what we have room for. Proving rather challenging! What fruits or veggies could you not live without?


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