Been a busy day today! We’ve got loads done, with more to come – including:

  • Shopping
  • Steam cleaning 3 years worth of dirt out of the iron
  • Oodles of ironing
  • Knitting
  • Sitting outside for afternoon tea featuring scones with clotted cream and jam
  • Blogging (watch for a post on Monday!)
  • General tidying up

Not bad huh? We were then randomly presented with a present by a new acquaintance of ours (who joined us and our neighbour for afternoon tea). She gave us a marrow. Fresh off the allotment.

To begin with, we looked at each other and laughed – what on earth do you do with a marrow? It was quite small, in marrow terms – but meant that it should be more flavoursome than your “average” marrow.

Trev decided he fancied soup. He started browsing recipes online and chucking stuff into pans – along with heating up stock, peeling and slicing the thing. Add some spices, a few lentils and a stick blender later:

Curried Marrow Soup!

Curried Marrow Soup with Lentils

Err, yeah – we kinda ate it all before I could remember to take a photo. I’ve never had marrow before and was surprised at how much I liked it! It was gorgeous! Of course now this makes me even more anxious to get our allotment – although I can’t guarantee that marrows will be on the roster 🙂


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