Bit by bit

This nicely sums up the progress we are making on the craft room. We’re doing it in small stages, as there’s lots we want to do to the house and garden all at once, so it’s very satisfying to suddenly see things start to come together as they are now.

So first of all we painted the room, then repainted Grace’s table. We still need to get the white furniture (desk and bookcases) that we are after, along with new baskets etc on a trip to Ikea that we need to make soon, but what feels like a major part has been completed.

As most of you know, I like to spin and I have a reasonable sized collection of spindles. Being as beautiful as they are, I want to show them off and have them easily available for use. I present to you, the spindle shelf:

Spindle Shelf

While I’ve been busy sewing and blogging (and sleeping) today, Trev has got my shelf put up! This particular shelf was previously installed in the kitchen, but we moved it, painted it white and stuck a load of hooks in it to hang spindles from. It lives above Grace:

Spindle Shelf

I may yet put some sort of noticeboard that I can stick swatches on, on the bit of wall underneath. Or storage for threads and bobbins to the side, or something. Got loads that we need to fit in the room, for both of us and it’s not the largest space.

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel I should post a photo of what the room looks like “normally”, i.e. with all my crap in place:

Spindle Shelf

You can see the two other Singers (Mary and Odetta) underneath Grace’s table. The two plastic tubs to the left will have their contents relocated to baskets in the bookcase when I get more. The other thing I desperately need is a chair! We need to get two, so Trev and I will see if we can find any vintage ones we like locally to refinish, or we may just get something from Ikea when we buy the rest of the furniture. I need to get a load of cheap fabric for Ikea to make basket linings (to protect all that yarn!) so we could always get something for curtains or chair covers or whatever while we’re there.

Hopefully I’ll have more room updates for you soon!


One thought on “Bit by bit

  1. The craft room looks amazing already. Isn’t Ikea the best? I actually have the same exact shelving unit next to my desk in the studio. We have plans to get some of the smaller ones as well.

    I look forward to seeing the continued progress.

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