Making Monday Part 2

So since the previous post (which was written on Saturday) was done, I continued to be very busy! I had plans to make another box bag, but using the leftover oilcloth from making Grace’s sewing machine cover. So on Saturday night, I gave it a go.

Surely once you’ve made one of something, the second and subsequent versions should be quicker, simpler and better, right? Wrong. This second bag left me dangerously stroppy and in need of anger management classes. Behold:

Slanty front edges – even worse than on the previous bag:

Anger Making Bag

I managed to add in the little tag at the back of the bag, but what’s going on with these folds? Why is nothing stitched properly?

Anger Making Bag

How wonky are these edges? Look at how badly the bag bows inwards:

Anger Making Bag


Anger Making Bag

So all in all, the bag was a total disaster. I went to bed in a mood and made up for it on Sunday morning by tearing the whole thing to pieces so that I could reclaim the zip and start again.

I didn’t even show you the inside of the previous bag – which looked like such a dog’s dinner compared to bag #1. Felt miles better for just chucking it in the bin.

After a brief rest, I started on version 2.1. On bag 2.0, I tried a different technique for cutting the corner seams, to turn the bag from a flat pocket to a 3D object. I tried the instructions here in the Sides, Corners & Handle to Complete section. Just could not get them to work for me.

So for bag 2.1, it was back to pushing out the triangles and pinning, as per Dragoknits tutorial. I made sure to pin very carefully and this time took measurements – to ensure squareness and to make sure each corner was the right length. (Note to self that the line measures 7cm, with the end seam at 3.5cm.) The first corner had to be seamed three times to get the dimensions and length right, but after that it went pretty well.

Not desperately happy with some of the stitching – on most of the lining seams, when I topstitched along the side of the zip, it didn’t pick up the lining – leading to some bagginess etc inside – but this is no doubt something that will improve with more practice.

So, the finished bag!

Observe the squareness of my edges:

Happy Bag

No slanty corners here:

Happy Bag

Nice straight folds – and the little tab at the back is so useful:

Happy Bag

Not the best lining in the world, but it matches well:

Happy Bag

Both bags together:

Finished Box Bags

Definitely getting more of a feel for these bags and potential uses. Would love to make some lined with oilcloth or vinyl, to be used as washbags for travelling (we were lamenting when we went to London that we both need washbags). Or larger versions to store sweater projects. What I definitely have to work on, is how to do the corners and the lining so that all the seams are hidden. It’s exacerbated in this case as I used a light thread to match the oilcloth which stands out against the black lining, so the seams all show quite clearly. Need to think of ways to hide all the seams for a more professional finish.

Still, will get a bit more practice when I knock up some more vinyl bags in the next week or so. At this rate I’ll have a bag for every WIP, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing 🙂


4 thoughts on “Making Monday Part 2

  1. As with everything…practice makes perfect. (Which you have said as well.) I do love the bags and absolutely think that you should put one or two up in your shop. 🙂

  2. How about making the outer and inner bags separately and then joining them together by sandwiching the zip between the two (making sure of course that the wrong sides are together, with the inner bag inside the outer. I’ve been thinking about this myself…

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