Making Monday

Natalie at the Yarn Yard has instituted a wonderful idea – a day for blogging about things we make or knit or sew or bake. And call it Making Monday. Previous making Mondays can be found here, here and here, with roundups here, and here.

I’ve made the fatal mistake in previous weeks of getting my blogging done at weekends so I’ve not been including in Making Monday so far but not this week! This week I have been busy sewing and have been picking up lots of new skills. And going back to the haberdashery and buying more fabric!

Last week you’ll remember me posting about the sewing cover I made Grace and the vinyl fabric we’d bought to line some drawers with. Because we’ve got loads left, I figured I’d try and make a box bag to store a knitting project in on the move. I keep seeing all these photos on Anne Hanson’s blog that including awesome-looking box bags and after digging out a few tutorials, decided to make one.

As I wanted to make lined bags, I toddled off to the haberdashery and bought a little roll of fat quarters from one of the bargain bins and a couple of zips:

Fat Quarters

I planned to make a second bag from the oilcloth I used for Grace’s cover and perhaps third and subsequent bags from the vinyl, but seeing as I had so much it was the perfect “test” fabric. Most tutorials recommend using interfacing to stiffen the bag – but as the vinyl is a stiffer fabric anyway I didn’t bother with this step.

I used this tutorial from Dragoknits which was extraordinarily simple and very clear – with lots of pics and good instructions. I’ve already admitted to omitting the interfacing – the only other thing I did was make a shorter, narrower handle – as I didn’t want to cut a new piece of fabric and just used a bit I had laying around.

And this is what I ended up with:

Knitting Project Box Bag

Slightly wonky top-stitching by the zip! On the next one I’ll also add a little tab of fabric that you can hold on to when pulling the zip closed:

Knitting Project Box Bag

Pretty chuffed with the handle and folding of the fabric though (you can’t see how wonky the left corner is here – it slants HORRIBLY but I’ll try a new technique on the next one and see what happens):

Knitting Project Box Bag

Funky lining:

Knitting Project Box Bag

Nice, relatively neat edges and seams:

Knitting Project Box Bag


Knitting Project Box Bag

They hold a reasonable amount – in this pic I have my little notions case, tape measure, row counter, most of a sock and a ball of yarn:

Knitting Project Box Bag

Going to be perfect for sock projects on the move. The sock project in question about is the July SISC2011 sock – one of my socks from the Knit Love Club last year which I’ll blog about when I finish it. Going pretty quickly despite the teeny needles and stitch count of 88.

Next up will be a black and white bag made from the oilcloth and then as many as I can make from the leftover vinyl. They are totally person-powered – being made on my 1948 201 hand-crank Singer sewing machine. So no fancy stitches – just a bit of straight stitching and a reasonable amount of cursing on my part πŸ™‚

Singer 201 Hand Crank

Depending on how many I’m able to get out of the vinyl, I may even put a few up for sale once I can do them without wonky edges, if anyone would like one?

Yay for Making Monday!


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