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Making Monday 2

Wow has it really been a week since I last posted? Whoops. I guess it’s been crazy busy at work so I haven’t had time to do a whole lot of crafting, but I’ve been off work since Friday so I’ve been able to get some stuff done!

I have finished the first of SISC2011 pair number #6 – the socks are 2LuvCrew from last year’s Knit Love Club:

2LuvCrew - First Sock

I’m making mine in the large size on 2.25mm needles – 88 stitches per row means they’re taking a little while – but I love the way the little heart pattern is forming. I also love the Channel-Island Cast On – which gives a little picot edge around the cuff to start from. They should look even better after a good block – I’m about a third of the way down the leg at the moment.

I made Trev some new Tawashi – the original ones I made him over a year ago have gotten really grotty and since they’re his favourites I made him some new ones! They don’t take long and I might whizz up a few more over the next few weeks, so he has a healthy supply.

More Tawashis

If you’ve never used tawashis, I can heartily recommend them. They clean dishes brilliantly – and when you’re done, you just chuck them in the laundry! Clean and eco-friendly.

The patterns I tend to use are below – both free – but the first one requires you to know or be able to understand Japanese crochet symbols and the finishing instructions are a bit fiddly.

Spiral Tawashi
Scrubbie Dots – I tend to make two of these and then slip-stitch them together to make thicker, double-sided tawashi.

Together with knitting on a long-overdue lace scarf (present for the mum-in-law) I have at last finished off some handspun! I started spinning in March (whoops) and finished the plying and skeining yesterday. It also got a bath and has now been safely packed away in the handspun box. Here we go:

Ixchel Camelbunny Silk FO

I spun the singles on my Gripping Yarn Rose in Black Palm:

Camelbunny Silk - WIP

I spun the first quarter/half of it up quite quickly and then stalled. Slowly got the rest of it done, finishing up the singles during the Tour de Fleece this year:

Camelbunny Silk

Camelbunny Silk

Camelbunny Silk

From this I wound a 2-stranded plying ball and began plying it on my Bosworth Maxi Sumac:

Camelbunny Silk - Plying

I’ve ended up with a perfectly balanced yarn – although I’m not too keen on how some of the colours have come out together. It’s very soft and lofty and from 56g of yarn I’ve got about 300m – making a heavy laceweight/light fingering weight yarn.

For next time I’d love to be able to spin a thinner, more consistent yarn. There’s a few little snarls where some yarn has got tangled up too. My problem is getting a little fed up with projects sometimes and just wanting them to be done. Must develop more patience! But here are more finished pics:

Ixchel Camelbunny Silk FO

Ixchel Camelbunny Silk FO

Hopefully it will look good knitted up! Now to think of a project!


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