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Making Monday & Moving Forwards

A quick FO to share this Making Monday.

Sage Lace - FO

I finally finished the never-ending angora lace scarf!

Sage Lace - FO

Sage Lace - FO

Sage Lace - FO

I actually started this back in December last year and knitted a bit – then didn’t do anything on it for ages! It’s the New Shell Scarf by Jamiesons – and this time I cast on fewer stitches and used a larger needle – 4.5mm instead of 3.75mm. This has given me something much longer and lacier – the finished article is over 6 feet long despite weighing only 48g.

The cast off I did was: k1, [k1, pass both stitches to left needle, k2tbl], then repeat what’s inside the []. Gives a lovely stretchy edge that blocks out beautifully.

That’s it in terms of knitting – I’m finishing off the socks and doing lots of spinning – so hopefully more soon.

Onto the topic I mentioned last week – about the makings of a new job. On Thursday last week I was offered the job and on Friday I accepted it and handed in my notice! Been a tough decision to make – it’s technically a step down and is a little less money, but the stress and pressure will be less and I have the chance to make something good from it if things work out. Yes, perhaps not the best career move, but then I was never out for a career so it doesn’t worry me too much. As long as I have enough money to pay the bills and buy a bit of yarn, I’ll be happy.

The six-week count-down begins! I have six weeks to go and will start my new job on the 24th October πŸ™‚

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2 thoughts on “Making Monday & Moving Forwards

  1. The scarf is lovely. And I am glad that you are making a move that will reduce your stress. I wish you the best in your new endevour.

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