Made a few small tweaks to the blog tonight!

I went through and added all of my posts since ever (I started blogging in 2008 apparently!) into categories for easy reference – you can see them all in a nice pretty list to the left.

I’ve also set up tags for things that don’t require a whole category, but would be nice to reference quickly – with Making Mondays and the Self-Imposed Sock Club (sisc2011) being the starting points!

There are also now fancy social buttons at the bottom of posts should you want to tweet anything (can’t imagine why you would, but my day job dictates I add them!) or whatever. Seems there’s been a few changes on WordPress since I last had a fiddle with the settings!

It has reminded me that I haven’t yet bought a domain for this site, which I need to do – along with perhaps also finding a new design template to change the look of it. But since the blog is still mostly for fun, I’m not too worried.

Was an interesting day at work today – telling my team that I’m leaving. There were more tears (mostly me) but I will keep my fingers crossed that they will all be ok. I also got feedback from two potential new clients who said they don’t want to work with us after all, so altogether it has been very much a “Bleak Tuesday” – which tends to be the name we have for it at the office.

Here’s hoping the second half of the week will be easier than the first!


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