I hate them. Who doesn’t? Sometimes they can be useful to maintain a sense of structure – other times they’re just a pain in the butt.

I have decided, that as useful as it has been to this point, the deadlines I’ve set myself for my Self-Imposed Sock Club are now making me feel anxious and paranoid about not finishing things on time. Particularly as the next three pairs of socks are meant to be knit in less than six weeks each!

So, once I’ve finished the current pair of socks, I’m going to call it a day. Not to say that I won’t knit any more socks this year, because I might! I’ve already wound the yarn for my next pair. But I have other things I want to knit, like the hoody and cardigan that have been in progress for many months now, or the laceweight cowl with the kidsilk I bought from Knit Nation. Or a funky pair of gloves for my baby sister.

What I don’t need is for knitting to feel like pressure on account of a self-imposed deadline.

But instead I will focus on what I have achieved – soon to be six pairs of socks finished this year – double what I knitted in 2010 and plenty to tide me over during the winter.

I will hopefully now be able to knock out a couple of sweater/cardigan projects that I have in my queue! I shudder to think what progress I could make on a sweater with the number of stitches knit into a pair of socks for my wide, long feet – but once I get used to using thicker needles again, hopefully things will just fly by.

For me this learning to say “no” to myself is a big step forward. Knitting is meant to be my hobby – the minute it starts to feel like a hassle it’s time to change something.

Bring on the change!


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