Making a Mess

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Today I had hoped you bring you a post about my spinning-in-progress. I’d shown this Optim a couple of weeks ago and wanted to show how I was getting on:

Copperhead Optim - WIP

I took it out of the bag to blog about and saw this:


Unfortunately we had a small accident with a laptop falling from height and we initially didn’t think anything was damaged. But that’s obviously not so.

Some careful unwinding onto a toilet paper tube managed to save the yarn-in-progress and in the end we were let with:


It’ll be making it’s way back to New England this week to have the shaft replaced. Ironic really, as a delivery from there arrived just this week:

Bosworth Midi Kauri

A Kauri Midi with a Cochin Rosewood shaft. Weighs just 26g! Unlike lots of Kauri it has a gorgeous grain:

Bosworth Midi Kauri

It also has a lovely chatoyance and shine – absolutely beautiful.

So yeah, I’m annoyed about the broken one, but it can be easily fixed.

In other news I finished the most recent pair of socks – should have pics as soon as I can get some light. I’m also making good progress on The Hoody of Woolly Goodness – more news soon!


5 thoughts on “Making a Mess

  1. Oh dear. I saw you tweet about it but didn’t realise quite how scary the damage was! Your optim spinning is beautiful, though. I hope your spindle will be back home with you soon. 🙂

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