Making Socks

I finally finished what felt like a truly never-ending pair of socks. I started them at the beginning of August and finally cast off on September 17. Took a little while to get around to taking photos, but at last here we are.

As a quick note, the actual yarn colour is somewhere between the 2 shades shown in the pics. Could not for the life of me get the colour captured properly. So you’ll have to do with my best attempts!

Pattern is 2luvcrew from last year’s KnitLoveClub and my Ravelry page can be found here.

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

Knitted the large size and came across no end of issues. I think a lot of the maths used just didn’t work out with the larger stitch count so a lot of fudging was necessary and my socks are slightly different in a few places as I didn’t make as extensive notes as perhaps I should.

Pretty sure the maths for the heel flap didn’t make sense – the initial instructions leave you with 38 stitches, but then the pattern begins to refer to you having 39. The heel turn numbers were not correct – I had to frog and redo with separate numbers (19 and 4 for my own notes). One of the charts was not right – had an additional decrease or stitch where there should not have been one, so a bit more fudging needed. Finally, there’s no allowance given to the extra length of the toe, if you decrease at the same rate as the smaller size. The toe should probably be started a half inch or so sooner than on the small size, as the foot ended up being too long and baggy (you’re decreasing from 88, not 66 sts, so a lot more rows involved!).

Despite that, I am pretty happy with how they’ve come out. I do like the little hearts pattern and like some of the little touches, such as the pattern into the heel transition:

2LuvCrew - FO

The yarn bled quite a lot on blocking, but the socks have retained their actual colour, which is a relief. First time I’ve used any Lorna’s Laces yarn and really enjoyed it!

Few notes for myself here:

  • Knitted 13 rows for cuff
  • 19 (4) for heel turn
  • Pick up 16 sts, knit and do 1st decs on next round
  • Start instep on row 2 of pattern – pick up sts
  • Row 3 of pattern – dec extra st
  • Decrease on: Row 4, 5, 7, 9, 10
  • Knit foot for 70 rows before starting toe (inc gusset decreases – 60 rows for plain foot knitting)
  • Decreased toe until 30 stitches all round – then grafted shut
  • Used 110g for both socks – got two tiny balls of leftovers

More pics!

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

2LuvCrew - FO

This may well be the last pair of socks I knit this year. I’ve managed six pairs now – and want to finish off some other projects I’ve had on the needles for a while. Nice to be making progress on things!


3 thoughts on “Making Socks

  1. There is nothing wrong with having socks in those colors! (I only have white socks…)

    I love the heart detail, if you hadn’t pointed it out I wouldn’t have noticed it immediately.

    And I am surprised that you hadn’t used Lorna’s Laces before…it’s apparently the go-to sock, though truthfully I’ve never made socks with it -it’s usually a pair of gloves or a shawl.

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