Making Progress

Let’s start off with some good news – my broken spindle that I blogged about here, came back! Fixed and beautiful and I’ll do piccies of it very soon.

I’ve finally been making some progress on my queue. The Hoody of Woolly Goodness is coming along in between other things. I have finished the top-secret sample mittens and will hopefully have some piccies soon. I have also now finished a hat!

Strid Woods

Norie - FO

Norie from the Shetland Trader Book 1.

A Shetland hat in yarn from the Isle of Skye! The yarn as you might have noticed is some of the Shilasdair Luxury DK that I got as part of my anniversary present. Annoyingly, the skein only weighed 90g instead of 100g which is rather annoying, but it was more than enough for my project.

Norie - FO


  • Did a cable cast-on using a crochet hook.
  • Knitted 70% of the hat on Saturday.
  • Finished hat weighs in total 60g.
  • A hat in a day! Woop!
  • Followed the pattern exactly as written – some people have taken out a repeat of the lace, but as I have a giant noggin, I wanted to leave it in.
  • I love how the lace does indeed look like little cat’s paws – the yarn is also gorgeous – very soft and warm but retaining a slightly rustic quality. Love it.

Nice to have another new hat for winter! Got lots more knitting to do, with scarves and all sorts coming up over the next few months I hope. I’m trying my best not to get horribly sucked in my Shetland Lace knitting – I love the intricacy and the beauty of it – I may get one or two books and investigate that a bit more. I love all of the history behind a lot of these sorts of knitting. It’s one of the reasons I love Victorian Lace Today so much, although I haven’t knitted anything from that yet. I’ll start with my Celes, which is Shetland inspired – a few more Shetland Trader patterns and take it from there.

I’m off to have another browse through Victorian Lace Today.


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