Battered, bruised and fixed

A little over a month ago, I wrote a post where I showed you my broken Birds Eye Maple Bosworth Featherweight spindle (Making a Mess). Of course there was lots of near weeping (that I didn’t go into at the time) when I saw this:


Then I managed to unwind the yarn, progressively picking out bits of broken spindle and was left with this:


It journeyed back to Acton MA and arrived back last week – looking rather glamorous and sporting a new, slightly lighter coloured, bocote shaft:

Bosworth Featherweight Birds Eye Maple

Not weighed it yet, but it should still weigh around the original 16g so still awesome for lace spinning.

It’s resting on some rather lovely fibre – this month’s club from The Thylacine. 100g of merino in the colour, Hinterland:

The Thylacine - Hinterland

Trying to think of how I want to spin this. I want lots of squoosh – so I’m thinking a 2 or 3 ply – possibly on the thicker side to maximise the squoosh factor. But we’ll see. Got a couple of other projects to finish – including the Optim rescued from the broken spindle above.

I do love to spin – don’t do nearly enough of it at the moment, particularly not supported spinning. I have so many lovely spindles – it’ll be easier once we get the new “studio” space set up – which includes moving the spindle shelf – but I’m sure we’ll get there in the end 🙂


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