Today, I sewed

For the time in ages today I dug out the sewing machine and some fabric and had a go at sewing something!

Previously I’ve made a couple of box bags that you can see in old posts, but I wanted to try a tutorial that left me with no raw seams on the inside of the bag – which most do. I guess it’s part of learning and being a beginner, but I hate having the untidy edges inside. If I had an overlocker, I could use that on the edges and it would look better, but I want perfection, dammit!

So enter a new tutorial:

I’ve used the fabrics I’ve used before – some of the stashed vinyl and another fat quarter I had laying around. One of these days I’ll try using interfacing to stiffen the bag up, as they do some up a little floppy.

I’ve also got some denim (old pair of jeans) that I might use to make a washbag – with the vinyl as a lining – that will require some different needles and thread I imagine and of course some more zips.

I also practiced sewing on Grace – something I haven’t done too much of as the electricity still scares me. Most has been done on my handcranks – but Grace is lovely:

Grace Is Gorgeous!

Thankfully now I’ve finished sewing the bag, I feel a bit happier with the machine and more comfortable using it.

Here’s some pics!

The bag is a little narrower and taller than others I’ve done – this is no doubt due to the corners I sewed – for the next one I’ll try and get similar dimensions to last time:

Hidden Seams Box Bag

Little bit of wonky topstitching by the back, unfortunately – I always struggle with doing the second half of the zip:

Hidden Seams Box Bag

From the front though, it looks pretty good!

Hidden Seams Box Bag

There’s only one seam on the inside – from where you turn using the final corner. Next time I’ll use a matching colour thread to make this as invisible as possible:

Hidden Seams Box Bag

At the back, all invisible seams inside – all you an see is my dodgy top-stitching:

Hidden Seams Box Bag

I did have a slight hiccup at the back with two pins getting stuck by the back tab when I was sewing the seams. This meant I had to cut a teeny tiny whole to get the pins out – but it can hardly be seen.

Hidden Seams Box Bag

Other than the top-stitching and contrasting inside thread, all other seams and lines are either invisible or as they should be! I’m pretty pleased!

I would probably consider making one or two tweaks to the pattern – it asks you to see all the way along the top and bottom, which means you end up sewing bits of the lining that really need to be left free (unless I’ve misunderstood the pattern) – so I had to unpick some bits.

Finished dimensions are:

A touch over 4″ tall
About 3.5″ wide
About 7″ long – plus strap

Will try and whizz up another one or two tomorrow – will then have to make a trip into town to get some more supplies.

I managed to get hold of a cheap zigzagger on eBay, which I’ll try (would be awesome to be able to use knit fabrics on this machine too) and am finally getting around to making a list of all of the sewing notions and things I want for the room. I’ve also taken Grace out of her table temporarily, to see if it’s easier to use that way. She stands up quite well on her own little feet and I might see about getting a proper desk that she can live on one corner of permanently.

So even though I’ve not been that successful on the knitting front recently, it’s nice to be sewing!


5 thoughts on “Today, I sewed

  1. I’ve used this tutorial in the past for a similar bag – I don’t know if it’s different to the one you used, but you might want to take a look.

    And this is how mine turned out

    I love your old Singer, I’ve got a similar one, dating from 1941, and I love it (although I do tend to use my Bernina these days, the Singer just sits and looks pretty in the window…)

    1. Ah ha – I had that one open on a tab too! I think the overall instructions are very similar, but I will try following that one to the letter tomorrow.

      BTW, love the peek of your vintage Singer that’s in the shot with Mollie! It’s gorgeous!

    1. I’m not 100% sure in total… longer than I would have liked due to having to unpick some bits and redo others – but when I make another one I’ll time myself and see how long it takes.

      And my dear, I wouldn’t dream of laughing πŸ™‚

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