Time for a spin

It’s been a little while since I did some spinning. In fact I haven’t blogged about any for almost three months! Not great.

But! I got my November fibre club shipment from The Thylacine and it turned out to be this beautiful Gotland roving, in a colourway called Scorched:

The Thylacine - Scorched

I love some good purples, reds and greys.

Now with Gotland being a fibre that doesn’t like too much twist (it turns to wire) and because it was in roving form, rather than combed top, I thought that a suspended spindle, using a long-draw method might be best to maximise the loftiness and softness of the yarn.

So I started spinning:

Phang-spun Gotland

I think the above picture was taken after the first day or so. I’m spinning on my Gripping Yarn Phang – which weighs 42g and is made of Bubinga – so it’s a little on the chunky side, but is gorgeous. Has a nice grain too.

And I tell you what, there’s a reason that long, crimpy fibres aren’t traditionally spun this way. It’s HARD! Getting things even is a challenge – there’s lots of slubbiness due to the prep and I’m having to work hard at consistency, but it’s a good challenge.

Yesterday I finished the first half:

Phang-spun Gotland

That’s about 44g of yarn on there (or a little over 1.5 ounces) – and a pretty fat, pregnant looking cop. Good thing it’s done now – was getting to the point where I was finding it hard to keep it spinning for any length of time. But I do think I need to work on building the cop lower – that might help with balance and spinning.

Now to see how quickly I can wind all this off and spin up the other half. Looking forward to seeing the end result! πŸ™‚


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