I am pleased to report the acquisition of two new toys! Not that I needed any (and I have in fact sold a spindle today to help make up for it) but I just can’t help myself.

I’ve bought two new supported spindles – a Russian and my first ever Tibetan. Ravelry and Etsy continue to exert a terrible combined effect on my willpower and my wallet.

First up, the Tibetan:

Neal Brand Tibetan - Cocobolo & Ebony

It’s made by the lovely Neal Brand from Cocobolo and Ebony and comes with the most gorgeous matching bowl.

Neal Brand Tibetan - Cocobolo & Ebony

Neal Brand Tibetan - Cocobolo & Ebony

I am completely in awe of the skill that it takes to turn a tip so fine on a spindle. I’m scared of breaking it, but ebony is a strong wood so I’m sure it will be fine.

Neal Brand Tibetan - Cocobolo & Ebony

Neal Brand Tibetan - Cocobolo & Ebony

The wood grain is simply exquisite. I asked Neal to pick a whorl himself – something with nice grain and this is what he came up with! The spindle itself weighs about 36g and it simply spins forever. The slim tip means that twist gets inserted into spun yarn really quickly, so I need to learn to draft quicker to keep up with it! But it will be fabulous once I get the hang of it 🙂

Next up is my new Russian! From Spanish Peacock. In vain I’ve tried to catch one of Mike’s updates in the past, but things sell out all too quickly – normally during hours that aren’t too friendly to those of us in the UK. He’s also recently stopped taking custom orders, due to the stress involved (I completely understand that) so that was likely to not help the chance of snagging one!

But then over Christmas he posted a few spindles early US time (early afternoon for us) and I was able to grab one! I dithered over two spindles – but when the other one I wanted sold, it meant it was fate for me to buy this one:

Spanish Peacock Russian - Leopardwood

Spanish Peacock Russian - Leopardwood

As with my Tibetan, I’m in awe of how thin the tip is and how long this spindle spins – certainly longer than any other Russian I own.

Spanish Peacock Russian - Leopardwood

The wood used is Leopardwood – it has a subtle yet stunning grain and it’s also super light – only 19g.

I will certainly be doing my best to grab another of Mike’s spindles when I can during an update (would love another Russian and a Tibetan too) and I’ll be putting another order into Neal for another of his that I would love.

The spindle on its way out is my Gripping Yarn Rose in Cherry – complete with matching copper cap.

Gripping Yarn Rose in Cherry

As gorgeous as this spindle is, I haven’t spun on it once since I’ve got it – which is just sad really. It sold within about 25 minutes of going up on Ravelry to someone who really wanted it, so it felt like the right thing to do.

Looking forward to doing more spinning once I’ve caught up on some knitting (almost finished a cardigan and I have two knitting FOs I need to share) – I also have some existing spinning projects I want to finish first.

I also can’t wait to get the craft room finished – I bought a print today that I think will help tie the room together and I need to make a final list of the furniture we need. I think you’ll all love the print when it comes and I look forward to sharing pics 🙂

Also doing what I can to improve my sewing skills – I bought the Colette Sewing Handbook to help with techniques and information for dressmaking – plus I LOVE almost all of their patterns. I’m looking forward to getting some more bits and pieces and trying to actually *make* more stuff. I just keep finding myself wishing I had more time! Isn’t that always the way?


2 thoughts on “Acquisitions

    1. Thank you! It was pretty reasonably priced too (or the pound is working very much in my favour… not sure which!).

      LOVE the FatCatKnits fibre you’re working on – yet to try some of her fibre but I must sooner rather than later!

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