Afternoon all! Hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday.

Just wanted to give you all a sneak preview of the gorgeous new print I have arriving for the spare room.

Somehow in the last few days while browsing sewing blogs, I stumbled across the blog of Handmade Jane – a seamstress based in London who has been sewing for a little over a year but in that time has made some amazing stuff. I was reading through her blog and I saw her mention a link for where she’s bought the prints on the wall behind her in a lot of her pics (the post where she does that is here).

So I promptly toddled off to Eloise’s shop and found the most amazing print that ties together all of the colours I want to use in the spare room – the yellow walls, white furniture and woodwork, with black highlights. Eloise said she’s happy to do prints in larger sizes, so here we are – the print I will be getting in A3:

I love it! It is so perfect. Doesn’t have too much yellow (which I don’t want with the walls being as yellow as they are) but enough to make it perfect for the room. It will be on its way to me on Monday – and it’s been sized to fit perfectly into a particular frame that I plan to buy from IKEA with the rest of the furniture.

It’s extra perfect because it’s called “I Love Clouds” and I do! I love clouds and allied to my middle name being Storm, I couldn’t have chosen a more perfect print.

I can highly recommend dealing with Eloise – she’s so lovely to speak too – very friendly and the turnaround was extremely quick. She has some beautiful stuff in her shop. I plan to buy some prints for the bedroom once we’ve planned how exactly we’re going to decorate.

It’s so nice to finally be buying *things*. We’ve moved so many times since we’ve got married (this is the seventh place we’ve lived in, in the last nine years and the third place since moving to Leeds in April 2010) that we’ve pared our belongings down to a minimum. Now we’re finally settled, we can work on getting more furniture and having the stuff that makes your home feel like your own. Combining that with finally being able to get our debts paid off this year (we’ll have a rocking party when we manage it!) it feels like this might be the year to start putting down some roots.


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