Distinctly Blue

This is a post that somehow is going to end up being full of lots of blue things! I have been extremely remiss in taking pictures of finished knits (considering this is meant to be a knitting blog after all) so I have a couple to share!

Christmas was quite productive for me on the knitting front. I managed to make lots of progress on the red Audrey cardigan (saving all info on that one for a later post) but also started and finished two separate items.

I started a Koolhaas hat the week before the holidays – I wasn’t feeling the love for anything I was knitting – the knitted-on border of my Celes was boring me and I was about to start picking up the button band for the non-hoody of woolly goodness – and was just hating it. So rather than feel guilty and not knit at all, I followed the advice of a few friends and started something small that had been in my queue for a bit.

I ended up with:

Koolhaas - FO

No modelled shots unfortunately – I struggle to take any that I like in which I don’t look either drunk or gormless, so this picture will have to do!

I followed the pattern as written – doing the five repeats of the large size because I have a giant noggin. But in conjunction with the German Twisted Cast-On which gives a lovely stretchy edge, it fits well!

Next up is Little Colonnade by Stephen West. I’d been looking for a simple pattern to use for a nice semi-solid blue merino yarn I had – and this was interesting enough without being too busy. I do love how it looks like the arches in the Colosseum if you tilt your head:

Little Colonnade - FO

Despite only using a 3.5mm needle this came out a pretty good size – but I had almost 25g of the skein left – so I could have made it a LOT bigger. Ironic given that I was really worried about running out of yarn as I was knitting. Always the way!

Kept forgetting to take it out with us when we’ve gone shopping, so I have no arty pictures of it to show you. But I did have the bright idea of hanging it up on my spindle rack:

Little Colonnade - FO

Little Colonnade - FO

The only change I made to the pattern was on the bind-off. I always struggle with BOs being way too tight – but have eventually found a good one that works for me. What I now do, is this:

k1, [k1, pass both stitches to left needle, k2tbl], then repeat what’s inside the []. Gives a lovely stretchy edge which will block beautifully.

But looking forward to getting some wear out of this!

Yesterday we finally managed to make a trip to Baa Ram Ewe – the first time we’ve been in since they’ve redone the shop and moved from one unit to another. Shameful really, as I only live 10 minutes walk away! But while we were there I picked up some beautiful yarn to knit a Laar cardigan with. Despite my Audrey in sock weight driving me crazy, I thought it would be a great idea to knit a whole cardigan out of laceweight. Oh yes.

Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace - Teal

Two skeins of Fyberspates Scrumptious in teal. Almost went for a nice subtle silver/grey colour that would go with everything – but I’m trying to be a bit more bold in my colour choices and rather than pick red (again!) hopefully this will work.

Also picked up a nice ball of 100% British yarn spun up the road in Bradford to make Trev a new hat with:

Jarol Aran

It will probably become a very simple, plain hat. He’s not a fan of bright colours or complex patterns. The only exception is his Noro scarf, which is still plain 1×1 rib, despite the gorgeous colour.

Came home to find more blue on the doormat:

The Thylacine - Tranquil

The January 2012 fibre club package from The Thylacine – 100g of beautiful Falkland in a colour called “Tranquil”. I’m amazed that something can get from Tasmania to here in as little as the three days it took.

You see what I mean about all the blue? Freaky! Bizarrely, my next project after finishing Audrey will be using the blue yarn I bought on our trip to Ilkley – so I’ll try and do a few other coloured projects before starting on Laar.

I’ve not only been buying blue stuff though. I bought this lovely skein of Gloaming laceweight from Natalie at the Yarn Yard:

The Yarn Yard - Gloaming

(Yes I know it’s more grey – but I honestly am trying!)

And my print from Eloise came! Can’t wait to make our trip to Ikea and buy all the stuff we want for the room, but I love it – it works perfectly with the wall colour and the other details we have in the room:

I Love Clouds

So that’s pretty much where I’m up to right now! There will be an Audrey update soon – I’m making good progress on the first sleeve, after which it’s just the second sleeve and then finishing details like button bands etc. The sleeve I’m working on initially made me want to poke my eyes out, due to magic loop related issues when doing the short row sleeve cap. It meant I cracked yesterday and bought a teeny tiny circular needle instead which means things are currently going ok. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the cardigan shrinks the way my swatch did, or there will most definitely be tears.

Back to the sleeve of doom!


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