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Simple Things

The last week or so has reminded me of the joy of simple things. Particularly when those things involve wool.

I posted in my last entry about the print we’d bought for the craft room and spoke about the other stuff we wanted to buy to get it sorted. But I forgot to mention carpet! We went carpet shopping last weekend and picked out one we wanted. Ideally we wanted something lighter, particularly as the same carpet will be used in our bedroom which is north facing and very dark.

We discovered upon arrival at the local carpet shop (which is a nice independent with friendly staff) that most of the carpets they sell are wool – in fact their best selling range is 80% wool with only 20% nylon. They proudly display The Campaign for Wool logo in their window and have the cutest little desk when you walk in with little toy sheep on display and info about the campaign.

Having never had a wool carpet before this quite excited me. Wool is unmatched in terms of insulation, warmth and has that lovely aspect of not melting should you accidentally drop a hot iron on it (ahem). You can find more info about the wonders of woolly carpet here.

SO! We paid our cash and on Wednesday they came to fit it. The craft room has now gone from having some of the cheapest, mankiest carpet imaginable (observe the drab colour):

Craft Room - Newly Painted

To this:

New Craft Room Carpet

New Craft Room Carpet

Makes the room look loads lighter and teamed with a nice squishy underlay, I just want to lay down and roll around on it for as long as possible. That’s normal right? It also has the most awesome new wool smell!

We’re going to Ikea in about three weeks, so the room will soon be complete!

So – onto more simple woolly goodness.

I came to the realisation the other day that I hadn’t knitted Trev anything in over a year. That is, quite frankly, shameful. So when we were in Baa Ram Ewe the other day he picked out some yarn that he wanted me to make into a hat (more info in the last post):

Jarol Aran

He likes the fit of his Turn A Square hats that I have made him (1, 2) so asked for one that would fit like that, but plain. A couple of days later:

Turn A Square - FO

Turn A Square - FO

Turn A Square 3! Followed the pattern – except for using the German Twisted Cast-On at the start (how I love this cast-on for stretchy edges). I used a 3.75mm needle for the ribbing and a 4.5mm needle for the body of the hat. So quick! If I sit down and get on with it, I can whip up one of these in a day, but work got in the way so it took a bit longer. But it’s his favourite hat of the moment, so I did well.

The other simple thing I’ve done is to empty out the boxes that contain all my yarn and fibre (in the name of planning for when the new furniture comes) and having lots of fun squishing various things I forgot I had. That and being overwhelmed at the scale of it when it’s all out on the floor. I actually ran out of floor space. At that point I gave up and packed it all away (as I shouldn’t really do this until I have the room to reorganise it all, which necessitates more storage) but not before having a few ideas of what to make with said forgotten items. And realising I need to spin more!

That’s meant I’ve had lots of fun reorganising my Ravelry queue. I’m determined to be quite good with the yarn purchases this year (despite the fact I’ve already spent £65 on yarn in January) which means lots of knitting from stash. I have a few garments planned to knit, which will keep me out of mischief for a while (either that or drive me mad, as two are from laceweight), but it turns out I have yarn for at least 22 of 51 queued items. I’ll need to buy two patterns in order to knit the full 22, but buying a pattern is cheaper than buying yarn – particularly with most of the rest of the queue being garments or blankets. This also doesn’t take account of handspun that I’ll generate and will need to find a use for. So I should be able to make it a cheap year in terms of yarn purchases which will make up for the upcoming Ikea splurge. I look forward to showing you pictures when that’s all sorted!

I’m now on the second Audrey sleeve, so in a couple of weeks (tops I hope!) I should have another FO to share 🙂

Have you been enjoying any simple thing lately?


2 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Oh yes, I have indeed been enjoying the simple things. Lovely post. I’m still in the process of organizing all of my stash as well.

    Trevor looks dashing in his new hat. It suits him.

  2. Re Handspun: I try to plan what I’m going to use the yarn for while it’s still in fibre form – socks, shawl, garment etc. Then you have an idea of how thick to spin it and how much yardage you will need 😀

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