What is it about…

… how finding out the news that a friend is pregnant has the ability to perk you up regardless of how you might be feeling?

Had a pretty shocking few days at work this week (tomorrow promises to be a stunner also!) but a valued colleague and friend told me today that she’s pregnant with her first baby. She’s at the 12 week point – so baby is due on August 3rd and both her and hubby are very excited.

Of course this immediately got me trawling Ravelry for patterns. I don’t often have babies to knit for (particularly ones where the mother is so deserving) so this one gets all the stops pulled out. I’m planning little cardigans, lots of hats, (baby will be in need of good outdoor gear when winter hits) and possibly even a blanket if I have time.

Wasted no time tonight and have taken a break from other things to cast on a cardi in left-over cream Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK:

Debbie Bliss - Cashmerino DK

So perfect yarn for a cardi (which will be revealed when I’ve knitted more than ten rows), but I am completely bereft of buttons. So tomorrow, I may make a trip into town to procure some. I love button shopping. I think there are few things more fun. Although I tend to always like the ones that are at least 50p to Β£1 per button – making it a rather expensive habit. Why can’t I like the cheap buttons?

What’s THAT about?!?!?


One thought on “What is it about…

  1. I feel your pain. Buttons are my downfall when it comes to garments. It took me forever to figure out which buttons to get for the baby cardi I made for friend last year, and they turned out to be the expensive ones. But how could I resist pink polka dots for a bright blue cardi? (Friend loved the combination)

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