Unexpectedly Heavy

A rather heavy package arrived for me today – containing these goodies:

Singer Automatic Zigzagger & Cams

It’s a vintage Singer Automatic Zigzagger attachment with the three full sets of matching cams:

Singer Automatic Zigzagger & Cams

Singer Automatic Zigzagger Cams

These babies turn my vintage straight-stitch machines into zigzaggers – increasing my range of stitches and fabrics I can work on.

I have the full set of 16 cams (those are the little metal units that make the different stitches) – and each single cam can look very different when the length and width of the stitches are varied. Looking forward to having a play with some fabric when I get the chance.

That won’t be in the next couple of weeks though, as we have family visiting over the next two weekends – which promises to eat up most of my non-working time 🙂

What’s amazing is how heavy the package was. The parts look very small, but due to them being solid metal, the whole bundle weighed just under 2 kilos (4.5 pounds). The postman was rather relieved Trev was at home to collect it!


2 thoughts on “Unexpectedly Heavy

  1. Love these, only have the standard red set but they produce super stitches.
    (but prefer the Greist buttonholer for buttonholes)

    1. Thanks Linda! Haven’t got round to trying them yet (been mad at work) but can’t wait to give them a go. I love the flexibility these attachments give a simple straight-stitch machine.

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