Right now, my front garden looks like this:


It started snowing at about 12:30pm (so lunchtime) and carried on till sometime between 8:30 and 9pm. In that time, we’ve had a good three inches of snow land. Thankfully, we’ve not had to be out in it much today as Mark and Hannah (Trev’s brother and his wife) came up to visit us today with their two girls.

We’ve hardly seen them in the ten years since we got married – Trev’s managed to see them for the odd day or so here and there, but I’ve seen them for no more than a few hours in that time and have hardly gotten to know their girls at all. So it’s been lovely to see them today and looking forward to having some more time with them tomorrow. We really appreciate them coming up all the way from Woking to Leeds – particularly with the weather being now it now is!

On the way back from their hotel tonight we had fun slogging through the snow and took some pictures on the world’s worst mobile phone camera:


Snow day!

Snow day!

Snow day!

The back of our street:

Snow day!

On the way home Trev and I had a great snowball fight. I have discovered that my lined Fiddlehead Mittens are AWESOME for snowball fights. I didn’t get cold or wet at all, until I managed to get a load of snow up my sleeve forming a head-sized snowball.

I did however, manage to hit Trev square on with said snowball and scored some massive points! He managed to miss me pretty much every time, but when I was getting ready for my follow-up throw, I managed to slip (our road is a slope) and fall flat on my bum – ending up absolutely soaked. I made a rather amusing noise as I fell, and Trev proceeded to die of laughter.

But I have my pride more or less intact… I’ll get him good tomorrow once both the mittens and I dry out…


2 thoughts on “Snow!

    1. There were definitely lots of EEPs being made as we made our way home… walking down steep hills in the dark and the snow is not the world’s easiest task.

      I believe my noise was somewhere between an eep, a squeal, a laugh and a scream. So I’m told 🙂

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