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I do love Sundays. Particularly when I have the Monday off and can avoid the usual Sunday-night-blues. Which is today!

Why are Sundays great? Well a long lie-in, is a given. Today was buoyed by the weather being a bit warmer than it has been, with a bit of sun which made it perfect for an early pre-breakfast walk.

We walked for about 20 minutes to a local cafe which does the most awesome fried breakfasts, where for the princely sum of Β£4.95 you can get yourself one of these:

Me with Sunday Brunch

(No, not me, or the scarf – the plate of food!) It’s a LOT of food. Superb quality too. We rarely have a full fry-up. It’s such a faff to do at home and can be a bit risky finding one to buy as sometimes you can be a little dubious as to the provenance of the meat! Thankfully here, the sausages, bacon and eggs are superb and I’m pretty sure the beans are Heinz which help too πŸ™‚

So now food has been had, up now is some pictures of the finished washbag I made for Trev yesterday. It’s made from denim and lined with vinyl, to make it perfect for carrying toiletries.

Denim Washbag

The denim was reclaimed from an old pair of jeans that I attacked with a seam ripper (quite satisfying, actually) and repurposed. I need to find a use for the old pockets that I took off individually.

There’s lots that I’m unhappy about – next time I’ll cut the lining smaller as it’s a bit baggy inside, but did an ok job on the invisible seams even if I did forget to add the little tab at the back:

Denim Washbag

Denim Washbag

Still, as a practice piece it’s not too bad and I learned a lot to take on to the next project. But I am VERY impressed at how my machine was able to sew through six layers of denim at one point (when adding the handles) without skipping a beat.

Will definitely make some more once I get improved cutting and marking tools (which I’m sure are most of the problem) and our space set up upstairs. We were planning to go to IKEA this week, but with uncertainty over my job, we’ve decided to hold off until I know what I’m doing. Disappointing, but sensible πŸ™‚

BTW, here’s the linky for the no-seams tutorial for the bag!

Off now to do some knitting and swot up for my third interview tomorrow. Eeek!


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