Wooo finished yarn! I present to you some spun up Optim – the June 2011 fibre club shipment from The Thylacine:

Copperhead Optim - FO

Finally got this sucker reskeined last night and wound up into a perfect little hank, ready to be gifted.

This one has been a bit of an epic spin – it was started in September but as mentioned in my Winding post, we ran into a little accident. Take a look at that post to see the early stages of spinning. That got fixed, and then my spinning mojo just sort of went away. I managed to get most of the rest spun up the other weekend and I blogged on Monday where I showed my progress on the plying.

As always, there’s things I wish I could have done better. I wish it was thinner, and more consistent in places (I wish that for myself!). I’d love to be able to get more yardage, quicker. But that’s likely a matter of practice – which I have certainly not done enough of. I’m sure over time things will improve, right?

I’m thinking about looking to get an espinner to make it quicker to produce certain types of yarn – but something to think about in a little while. In the meantime, here’s more yarn shots:

Copperhead Optim - FO

Copperhead Optim - FO

Here’s the run-down:

Singles: approx 20-25 wpi
Spun: using a sort of woollen worsted draw on my Bosworth BE Maple FW.
Plied yarn: 2ply, using plying balls and Bosworth Sumac Maxi.
Finishing: warm water soak, thwack and snap
Finished yarn: 16-18 wpi, 300 yards, 100 g.

Spun on: Bosworth Birds Eye Maple Featherweight
Started: 6th September 2011
Finished: 10th March 2012

One end of the skein is a bit skinnier than the other – I guess this is due to how hard it can be to get the yarn the right thickness at the beginning of the cop. Once the weight has built up on the spindle it’s a lot easier to keep things consistent. But overall it’s still a lovely 300-305 yards of squooshy heavy sock to sport weight.

Next up, is the May 2011 club fibre – it’s 100g of grey Corriedale and I think it wants to be a 3-ply!

The Thylacine - Maritime


3 thoughts on “Copperhead

  1. As I mentioned before, it’s absolutely wonderful and stunning. And as you know, I’m completely in love with my eSpinner – it’s wonderful especially with my fibro pain, and I can just draft and draft and draft and not have to take breaks because of my knees, ankles and calves. 🙂 It’s helpful for dwindling the stash down, too!!

    1. I bet it is! I was investigating a UK-based espinner, but he’s stopped making them for the time being. Guess that means I’ll have to go for the Hansen 🙂

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