P.S. My mum sent me yarn. Very beautiful yarn:

Skein Queen Oasis - Marlena

A gorgeous skein of Skein Queen Oasis yarn – which is 50% camel and 50% silk in a lovely colourway called Marlena. It’s also the finest yarn I’ve ever seen – 1,600 yards in a single 100g skein. This is at least twice as fine as anything I’ve knitted to date and probably more than a match for my skills at the moment.

I have two ideas – one, is to attempt to knit a ridiculously fine wedding-ring-style shawl. The second, is to double it up and knit something in a slightly heavier lace-weight – possibly with beads which will be quicker and more suited to where I’m at right now.

What would you make with this skein??


One thought on “P.S.

  1. Gorgeous colour, I would spend a few hours looking for a suitable pattern, I would probably double it up and knit some kind of a stole just because I don’t really like triangular shawls much!

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