Ice Cream

Look! New flavours of Ben and Jerry’s:

New Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavours!

Apparently there are a raft of new flavours just out – so when Trev mentioned that he happened to see some at the supermarket and it was HALF PRICE, I suddenly decided that after a long day at work all I wanted wasn’t to lie down and sleep. It was to run to the shop and procure snackage.

I consider it my public duty to inform any of you that live near a Waitrose, that one of these pots can be yours for Β£2.49. We decided we had to have three pots, if only so we can taste test and take pictures of them all since that’s ultimately the whole point of a blog (end tongue in cheek sarcasm). Also on the way out, with it being dusk, we saw BATS! We live near a stream (which I believe they like?!?) but it was the first time that we’d seen any in the wild, ever. So, since we saw three bats, we decided it was an omen and that three pots were necessary.


Get thee to the shops! I did have a more serious blog post planned for today, but as I’m sure ice cream is as important to many of you as it is to me, this will have to do!


P.S. Quick note to add that since the ice cream is Fair Trade (thanks Rosanna!) that you can feel more saintly consuming a whole tub in one go. Salves the calorie guilt somewhat, right?


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