Home Tourist

A little while ago I stumbled across the concept of being a “home tourist”. What this means in a nutshell is looking at the area in which you live as if you didn’t actually live there. This isn’t that hard for me as I still feel relatively new to Leeds, the surrounding area and what it has to offer. I was quite inspired by this post on the Culture Vulture (awesome Leeds blog) which said the following:

What does it mean? Quite simply it’s looking at where you live (anywhere in the world) with fresh eyes. How you define the exact geographic boundaries, activities and knowledge sharing is open to interpretation. You may focus on the view from your window, to the outer boundaries of a travel card…

In the spirit of this, I’ve decided that my own “home tourist” adventure will encompass not just Leeds, but the whole of Yorkshire. I know that’s probably a bit cheating, as it’s a mahoosive county and there’s so much there to see, but I guess that’s part of the fun.

To make it easy for me to track things, I’ve added a “home tourist” tag to the blog that I’ll add to all of my posts in which I am touristing so anyone who wants to see what I’ve been seeing around Yorkshire can easily do so!

So far we have been to:

  • Ilkley
  • Bolton Abbey
  • Malham Cove & the limestone pavement
  • The Strid & Strid Woods
  • Gordale Scar (post coming soon)

We have plans to try and visit the following soon:

  • Harewood House
  • Yorkshire Sculpture Park
  • Saltaire (as a fibre person I feel I must go there!)
  • Temple Newsam
  • York
  • Harrogate
  • Some of the awesome museums, such as the Armley Mills Industrial Museum & the Royal Armouries
And that’s all just for starters! I’ve been given some lovely recommendations by readers such as Brinham Rocks but would love to hear more ideas for where we could go! We’re sort of limited by not having a car, but we love to walk and public transport is not a problem. If there’s anywhere that has to be gotten to by car, I’m sure we can sort something out.

So, where should we go? And why?

BTW there’s a nice write up of the “home tourist” concept on the Guardian Leeds website here.


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