Hitchhiking to Ilkley Moor

So I promised in a recent post that all of the river photos would lead to something? The name of the river that runs past Bolton Abbey and into Ilkley is called the River Wharfe. With that in mind I give you yarn bought from Ilkley in the colour Wharfe:

Ba T'at Laceweight

This is Ba T’at Laceweight yarn (although it’s 414 yards, so more sock weight than lace weight) bought from the lovely little Create! shop in Ilkley in July (look at the top left):

Victorian Arcade in Ilkley

A while ago I’d decided to knit a Hitchhiker scarf with it – I thought squishy garter stitch would be the perfect match and so back in January I got knitting.

As always, I made fairly good progress early on and knitted up about 15g in the first day or so. And then didn’t knit anything for six weeks. In prep for going away last weekend, I thought it would make perfect travel knitting as it’s a simple 8 row repeat and very easy to keep track of.

So after lots of knitting at the Ruth and Brian wedding party (we knitters had our own table where we knitted away!) and on various trains and buses, I give you the finished Hitchhiker:

Hitchhiker - FO

Hitchhiker - FO

Hitchhiker - FO

Hitchhiker - FO

Of the 99g in my skein, I used up 96g knitting the scarf. Didn’t quite have enough to do a full repeat at the end, and so I ripped it back to the last bit and bound off. That does mean that my final toothy section does have increases on one side where it shouldn’t, but that doesn’t bother me.

In total I ended up with 38 teeth – which I was really happy with and it’s come out to be a lovely size post-blocking.

So why the Ilkley Moor name? Well up this way, there’s a folk song that’s considered to be the unofficial anthem of Yorkshire. It’s called On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at. This in turn has led to the name of the yarn company which I bought in Ilkley and so on! I almost named the scarf “Hitchhiking to Ilkley Moor Ba Tat” but thought that was a little bit of a mouthful.

The yarn and project is full of lovely memories. On the day we bought the yarn we were here at Bolton Abbey, enjoying the most amazing sunshine:

Bolton Abbey

With so much of it being knitted at the wedding party while surrounded by some of my lovely knitterly friends every time I wear it, it will remind me of nice things.


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