In all the while I’ve been spinning, I’ve not spun any Corriedale since the very beginning – back when I was learning. Over the last few days however, I’ve been spinning this:

The Thylacine - Maritime

This is the May 2011 fibre club shipment from The Thylacine. The colourway is called Maritime and it’s a lovely mix of blues and greens on grey Corriedale.

I’m trying to spin it as a fractal yarn (which gives soft stripes and colour repeats) and a three ply. I’ve made good progress so far – having spun and wound off the first third and just finished spinning the second tonight:

Maritime Handspun - WIP

I’m hoping it will come out somewhere between a DK and an aran – I’m hopeless at the moment at judging how a yarn is going to come out. Until I get back into the swing of things, I’m probably best off just spinning things up and seeing what happens. Eventually I’ll improve I’m sure. But for now I’m enjoying spinning more and seeing how it comes out. Already planning the next project!


3 thoughts on “Corriedale

  1. Wow, such beautiful spinning and I love how neatly you wind the ball of singles. So looking forward to seeing the finished yarn.

    1. Aww thank you! I’m finally getting the hang of winding the singles balls. They still make my hands ache a little, from winding them so tight. What I’m not looking forward to is winding the three balls into one. May leave it all to rest for a few days while I start a new project, perhaps.

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