This is my 300th blog post. It’s funny how these things creep up on you – I wouldn’t have thought it would be anywhere near that many, but here we are (3 blog incarnations later).

I had lofty ambitions of doing something interesting for this post – a giveaway, or some interesting pictures, or something vaguely reader-worthy. Alas I am set to totally fail. I’ve not done hardly any knitting, or spinning or anything remotely interesting in the last couple of weeks.

It’s strange – as much as I feel relief at the moment over the job situation, I’m stuck in a weird sort of limbo-land as they’ve said they’ll put me on gardening leave, but they’re not sure when. As a result, I feel a bit sort of discombobulated and don’t really know if I’m coming or going or what’s happening. So I feel a bit unsettled – which has resulted in my being unable to do anything in my spare time except read a bit and play far too much Angry Birds (I blame the new iPad for that one).

Even right now, towards the end of a 4 day holiday weekend during which I’ve done nothing crafty except read blogs for inspiration and pin stuff on Pinterest I find myself devoid of any desire to *do* anything.

I’m hoping this is the low-point before things start to get better. I certainly hope so as if it doesn’t get better soon I’m likely to have no hair left (been a bad couple of weeks for my trichotillomania) and a mountain of knitting pile up. But once it does get better (which it surely will – it will just be like fog lifting and then I’ll wonder whatever was the matter in the first place) I’ll make up for the lack of something special on this post.

I hope wherever you are you’ve had an awesome weekend and if you’ve had an extra few days off that you’ve been able to enjoy them! 🙂


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