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Today we celebrated my new found freedom by giving freedom to another. MY freedom, I hear you ask? Indeed! I found out on Wednesday afternoon that my last day in the office would be Friday. That itself came with a few issues as it means I couldn’t finish a number of things off and I didn’t get to say goodbye to two members of my team, but I’ll catch up with them at a later date.

So we wandered off to the shops and did a little trawl around the pet store, in prep for getting stuff for a new cat. We made the mistake as we always do, of going to look at the small pet section and we saw a little lonely hamster, who’d been moved into the special section as nobody had wanted him. Poor little guy was trying to practically chew his way through the glass and it just broke our hearts.

Cue impulse purchase of cage, food, bedding and HAMSTER.

I present to you, Sebastian:


Believe it or not, this was the best picture I could get. Right now he’s fast asleep in his little bed and we’ll give him a few days to settle in before introducing ourselves properly.

He was named Sebastian on his little notice in the shop and we decided to keep it, as his speed reminds us of Sebastian Vettel (more last season’s, rather than this, I guess!).

Poor little dude – we just couldn’t leave him there. We’re going to get a much larger cage for him soon with more toys and things to keep him occupied.

To top today off, once we’d gotten home with Seb, we got a phone call from the man who administers our allotments, to tell us that after 2 years on the waiting list, our name has come up! So we wandered over to confirm whether we want it (which we do! Yay!) and at the end of the month we’ll pay our fee and get our keys. We’ve got 75 square yards (15 yards by 5 yards) so will spend the next couple of weeks madly coming up with ideas and deciding what to do.

Please hit me up with your allotment and/or hamster tips! 🙂

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