Making Monday – Maritime

For the first time in YONKS I have a Making Monday post to share. Go me!

For the first time in even longer than that, I actually started and finished a spinning project in less than a month – despite ignoring it for a good two weeks at least. Check me out. Back on a semi-recent post I showed you my progress on the May fibre club shipment from The Thylacine – grey Corriedale in a colour called Maritime:

The Thylacine - Maritime

I’d spun up a good two thirds in no time at all and was ready to start on the final third:

Maritime Handspun - WIP

Of course, the final third took forever for some unknown reason and I didn’t start plying until the day before yesterday. Once I got started and got into a rhythm, it went quickly as it always does. A good bath and reskeining later, we’ve ended up with:

Maritime Grey Corriedale - FO

My camera hates taking pictures of blues and strong greens, but I think the above is fairly accurate. I was aiming for somewhere between a DK and aran weight and have hit that spot on, with a yarn of about 9-10 WPI, that I think will knit up as a aran weight due to the density. (Unless I’m spinning supported or using long draw, my yarn is always much denser than commercial.)

Got a total of 95g worth of yarn, and somewhere around 155 yards in total.

Maritime Grey Corriedale - FO

With having spun this up as a fractal three ply, I’m hoping it will softly stripe when knitted up. At the moment thinking handwarmers/fingerless gloves in a very simple/plain pattern to let the yarn shine. Here’s just a quick note on how I separated the fibre for a fractal 3 ply:

For a 3 ply, this involves splitting the top into thirds (I split mine into three horizontal thirds, as the colour repeats allowed me to do this evenly). I kept one third as is, split one into two pieces lengthwise and the third into four pieces lengthwise.

I won’t actually know until I knit it up whether my fractal spin has been successful, but I guess it will be a nice surprise when I eventually get around to it! I’m always surprised too at how different the finished yarn looks – overall it feels a lot darker to me than the original fibre did – with a lot less grey visible, but that’ll work well for whatever I make for Trev with it.

What are you making this Monday?


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